Oysters Direct

Sydney Rock Oysters direct from the farm

Sydney Rock Oysters Colette PDF Print E-mail


  • 12 Sydney rock oysters
  • 1 tsp. grated lemon rind
  • 2 tabs heavy sour cream
  • Tabasco to taste
  • 2 tabs whipped cream
  • 1/2 small avocado
  • 1 tab grated onion
  • 1 tab red caviare


Remove Sydney rock oysters from shell, wipe shell dry. Mix creams, onion, lemon rind and tabasco. Cut avocado into 12 slivers and place one in each oyster shell. Top with the oyster then the cream mix. Sprinkle with caviare.

Variation: Forget the avocado and top the cream and oyster with half each of black and red caviare.