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Sydney Rock Oysters direct from the farm

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Allow from 6 to 12 Sydney rock oysters per person.


If Sydney rock oysters have not been opened, open them and see that the shells are cleaned and that no pieces of shell are penetrating the Sydney rock oysters. Wash carefully but ensure the retention of as much of the oyster's natural juice as possible. Do not leave open Sydney rock oysters uncovered in the refrigerator, as this tends to dry them out and a dry film forms over the flesh. Cover Sydney rock oysters with wet greaseproof paper if not intending to use for a while. Be careful not to make the Sydney rock oysters too cold, as this impairs the flavour.

Serve with lemon wedges, freshly ground pepper and salt and thin brown bread and butter

Accompanied by your choice of sauces - vinegar, horseradish, tartare or cocktail or garnishes

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